NiSV - optical radiation

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Our course "Optical Radiation in Cosmetics" offers a sound introduction to the Application and safety of optical radiation in cosmetic treatments. By Laser therapy to light therapy - learn how to use these advanced technologies safely and effectively in your practice to achieve first-class To achieve results for your customers.
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  • Basics of optical radiation
  • Effect of optical radiation
  • Safety standards
  • Different types of lasers
  • Practical use
  • Special application
  • Case studies and best practices
  • Hygiene and safety standards
  • Legal basis
  • Hybrid (virtual and presence)
  • Course duration 120 LE

To complete the specialist knowledge module, successful completion of 120 learning units is necessary, of which 33 LE are e-learning, 43 LE are virtual presence, 41 LE are physical presence and 3 LE are internal school examinations and 3 LE are external examinations.

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More information about your NiSV - optical radiation training

This course is open to anyone who dreams of opening their own beauty salon, whether you have previous experience in the industry or are new to the field. We will teach you practical and innovative techniques that will help you run your own studio with confidence and expertise.

No specific prior knowledge or qualifications in the field of cosmetics are required to take this course. All you need is your own motivation and the desire to open a successful cosmetic studio. We will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and techniques to make your dream a reality.

• Physical principles of optical radiation 5 LE

• Effect of optical radiation on tissue 8 LE

• Legal basis 5 LE

• Requirements for operation according to NiSV 7 LE

• Protective provisions and measures (occupational health and safety) 5 LE

• Documentation according to NiSV 3 LE

• Basics of cosmetic devices using optical radiation 7 LE

• Basics of plant engineering 9 LE

• Risks and side effects, contraindications 12 LE

• Special application: Permanent hair removal 12 LE

• Special application: “Skin rejuvenation” 12 LE

• Customer advice and information 8 LE

• Independent implementation of various applications under specialist medical supervision

Supervision 24 LE

• Examination at an accredited certification body 3 LE

The new NiSV Regulation 2024

The NiSV Regulation 2024 poses a major challenge for beauticians: Without appropriate certification , certain cosmetic devices may no longer be used. How do you deal with this new legal requirement? Are you ready to adapt your practice and services in order to remain competitive? The NiSV Regulation not only represents a change, but also an opportunity to further develop and ensure the quality of your services. It is crucial to act now in order to continue to offer your customers the best treatments.

Approved training courses for the NiSV regulation

At Medi Metropole you will find the solution to the challenges of the NiSV regulation : certified training courses that will prepare you and your team for the new legal requirements. Our courses cover all the necessary content to obtain the NiSV certificate . With our help, you can ensure that your beauty salon meets the new standards and that you can continue to offer your customers high-quality treatments. Trust in our expertise and experience to prepare you optimally for the NiSV exams and secure your professional future.