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Discover your passion for beauty and well-being as a beautician. Immerse yourself into a world full of creativity and innovation, where you can increase the confidence of your customers and make their beauty shine. With expertise in skin care, Make-up and spa treatments allow you to have individual, tailor-made experiences and help your customers feel good in their skin. Start your exciting career in a dynamic industry that is constantly growing and become part of a Community of like-minded people who are passionate about the beauty of others Become a beautician and realize your dream in a fulfilling and inspiring career!
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  • Basics of cosmetics
  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • Skin analysis and facial treatments
  • Product knowledge and application
  • Body and spa treatments
  • Make-up art
  • Nail Art
  • Hair removal
  • Consulting and Sales
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Legal regulations and quality standards
  • Training location: Online e-learning, online presence & practical lessons - Training center Berlin
  • Online classroom teaching Tuesday - Friday 18:30 - 21:30
  • Training duration: 20 months

Training scope:

  • 714 hours of theory lessons
  • 260 hours of practical training

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More information about your Expert in professional cosmetics - online training training

This training is just right for you if

  • You have a passion for beauty and skin care and are interested in a career in the cosmetics industry.
  • You are creative and empathetic and enjoy working with people and taking pleasure in helping others feel good and beautiful.
  • You have an eye for detail and are interested in the latest trends and techniques in skin care, make-up and wellness.
  • You are just starting your career or already have experience in related areas such as hairdressing, spa management or selling cosmetic products and would like to expand your knowledge and skills.

There are no prerequisites for training as a beautician.

In order to have this course financed through the training voucher, certain criteria must be met, which are determined by the employment agency in an individual consultation.

During this training, you will acquire the important theoretical foundations and deepen these through practical exercises on models.

  • Basics of Cosmetics: Introduction to the history of cosmetics, the
    Importance of skin care and beauty, ethics and professional ethics.
  • Skin anatomy and physiology: Understanding skin structure and function, skin types, skin conditions, aging, and dermatological fundamentals.
  • Skin analysis and facials: Learn about different facial treatments such as cleansing, peeling, facial masks, massage and relaxation techniques.
  • Product knowledge and application: Getting to know skin care products,
    Make-up products, tools and equipment, as well as their professional
  • Body and spa treatments: Classic full body massage,
    Foot reflexology, head/neck/shoulder massage and HairSpa
  • Make-up art: basics of make-up, color theory, face shapes, day and evening make-up, bridal make-up
  • NailArt: Cosmetic manicure, types of varnish, handling of milling machines
  • Hair removal: Methods of hair removal such as waxing, sugaring, electroepilation and laser treatments, as well as the application of warm wax,
    Cold wax and other techniques.
  • Advice and sales: Customer advice on skin care products, make-up and
    Treatments, sales techniques, customer loyalty and customer service.
  • Hygiene and safety: Policies and procedures to ensure compliance with
    Hygiene regulations, disinfection of tools and equipment,
    Safety measures when using products and devices.
  • Regulatory requirements and quality standards: Knowledge of regulatory requirements, standards and guidelines in the cosmetics sector, including compliance with health and safety regulations.

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