Laser safety officer OStrSV/TROS

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This laser safety course provides training to become a laser safety officer OStrSV /TROS in a one-day seminar. 

Legal basis: Acquisition of the required specialist knowledge according to § 5 paragraph 2 OStrV , TROS Laser Radiation and DGUV Principle 303-005

Target group: Beauticians, alternative practitioners, doctors, users of laser systems, operators of laser systems from laser class 3R and higher.

Gutcert Badge IHK Potsdam Bundesagentur Arbeit DBI Zert

Heinz H. Freier, Dipl.-Ing., Master of Science, employee at IEC MT16 (Biological effects of optical radiation), employee at DKE AK 511.10.9 (skin treatment devices), employee at DIN NA 159-05-02 AA cosmetic services, publicly appointed and sworn expert of the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce for cosmetic devices, 20 years of experience in the development and construction of laser systems.

Certificate in Adult Education

Learning format: e-Learning: Laser Primer to prepare for the course.

Virtual presence: e-Learning placement test

Block 1 Start 9:00 am (90 minutes) Physical principles, biological effects:

2nd block start (90 minutes) Legal principles and rules of technology

3. Block start (90 minutes) Laser safety: Laser classes, limit values, hazards (direct/indirect), selection and implementation of protective measures, - tasks and responsibilities of the LSB in the company, exemplary implementation of a risk assessment

4th block (90 minutes) Laser in use:

Exam: Multiple-choice test, 21 questions, at least 14 answers correct are passed (70% of the points)

End approx. 4:00 p.m.

After registration, the participant receives the laser safety primer and access to the school’s e-learning platform.

The course materials will be sent electronically by email in good time before the course begins.

The participant receives the certificate from the place where he or she registered.

Cancellations made up to 24 hours before the start of the course are free of charge. Cancellations received later will be charged the full amount.

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More information about your Laser safety officer OStrSV/TROS training

Yes, every sole proprietor in Germany who uses laser technology commercially for permanent hair removal must provide legally required proof of expertise as a laser safety officer. This requirement is based on the OStrV and the TROS Laser Radiation.

Yes, the requirement to appoint a laser safety officer applies to all companies, regardless of the number of employees. The decisive factor is the use of lasers from class 3R, which require special safety precautions due to their potential risk. Self-employed people who use class 4 laser technology (permanent hair removal) must also be appropriately qualified and certified.

Laser safety courses must meet certain legal requirements set out in the OStrV and the TROS, including the content and qualifications of the instructor. Whether the course is held in person or online depends on the educational institutions' offerings. Many providers also offer recognized online courses, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recognized laser safety course must comply with the requirements of DGUV Information 303-005, which regulates the training of laser safety officers, including requirements for organizers and trainers. Check that the course follows these guidelines.

Yes, even if you have already completed a specialist qualification for the cosmetic use of lasers in accordance with the NiSV, an additional laser safety course is necessary. The NiSV requires that people who use laser technology demonstrate specific expertise through a recognized laser safety course in order to ensure both their own safety and that of the people being treated. This course supplements your knowledge with important safety-related aspects.

The new NiSV Regulation 2024

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